The differences between the male and female poker players

poker players

See how different men and females are when it comes to Poker Online Terpercaya game. Find out about how both sexes appear in the gambling stats.

There’s no doubt that the existence of many Poker Online Terpercaya offers and gambling opportunities nowadays more and more people tend to join the global casino market. If in past, gambling was a total male activity and women presented in the physical casinos in a form of lucky charms, these days there are many big poker players of a female sex registered in the web. But like in life, on the poker table, females and males are different. They do play the game in a different way and they do act with different emotions and practices, too.

We have tried to analyze the male poker style and to compare it with the common female way of playing poker. By the way, the final conclusion is very curious and we would like to share it with you now. Here are the top differences between the male and the female poker players:

  • It’s weird, but as a whole female poker players are younger than male poker lovers. This trend is a bit confusing because in past, there was one horrifying stats according to which more and more young boys give up from their job positions in order to turn poker into their general source of income.
  • The majority of female pokers these days represent the world of celebrities, show stars, artists of any field you can think off, while male players are mostly workers of a lower class. Well, that’s curious, too, isn’t it!
  • Female poker lovers are more pretentious than the male players. The statistics say that a woman would seek for Poker Online Terpercaya longer than a male, who’s going to be more impatient to invest a solid amount of money and to register some solid win.
  • But the biggest jackpots are in 90% of the cases won by male poker players. The stats say that the big wins come to the men, while the most solid and regular registered wins are in female hands.
  • If comparing the female and male poker players by education, you will be surprised once again. About 80% of the female players are with high education, while those with master degree among the male players are less than 10%. If comparing this stats with the jackpots taken by both sexes, it becomes clear that intellect is a must when playing poker, but the university degree is not a factor to become a real pro in poker.
  • Female poker players spend more time in poker than the male players. This is because males prefer to diversify their activity in other games like slots and sometimes, even sport betting or lucky fortune products in a gambling platform.

Do you see yourself in these stats or you feel more like an exception as a poker player depending on your sex?

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