Is gambling a recommended form of investment?

gambling investment

People begin their gambling journey for various reasons. For one, they are doing it for the fun of the game with the hopes of getting something out of it while for another they consider gambling as a way to supplement their income. There are various options in the market where one can choose to invest: forex, real estate, fund management and precious metals. For some, gambling seems to be an easier route because of how instant profits, and by extension, losses are.

The question perhaps that quite some people ask is if gambling can be considered as a form of investment. There are plenty of similarities in both as there is the aspect of putting in money expecting returns. For both, there is equally an element of risk. In gambling, one might lose to the house while the one investing money can for example, lose money when prices on the stock market plummet. When you look at these two elements, in either, a person has to decide how much they want to put in with the perception that it is money that they could lose should the tide not go in their favor.

Another aspect to look at is the strategies employed when gambling or investing. Consider a person betting on the Bitcoin Dice site and another investing in commodities. For the former, they need to have a plan in place of how they intend to beat the odds of the house and make profits. It is for this reason that there are betting systems that aid a person to lay out how they wish to approach the game in a manner that minimizes risk and ups their chances of making exponential returns.

On the investment side, there are various trading strategies available to help both the novice and professional investor make sound choices. In the plans they use, they factor in when it is the ideal time to buy and sell and how to make a profit even in a volatile market. Therefore, both require sound planning and approach to make the most out of factors that are largely out of a person’s hands.

If you’re familiar with investing, then you might have come across the term ‘diversifying your portfolio’ to quite literally mean not to put all your eggs in one basket. For that reason, you will find a person delving in the index, commodities, and precious metals (or whatever another mix) so that they don’t lose all their cash should price plummet. It is the same with gambling. Players get encouraged to bet on different games with differing house edge because it is less likely that things will go entirely wrong on all fronts. Therefore, in that regard, both the investor and gambler determine how much goes into each selection.

For the examples given, one can say there are similarities between gambling and investing. The former is short term while the latter tends to be the more long-term. As for the question of whether gambling is a recommended form of investment, the answer solely lies on who’s asking.

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