Equipment and Supplies That Casinos Need


Casinos need different supplies and equipment to operate, including poker tables, slot machines, systems for table management, and sports betting solutions

To offer a variety of gaming options, casinos need gambling equipment and supplies, whether running a top notch resort or a small community gaming room. The types of supplies that casinos have include slot machines, management systems, poker tables, dice, card decks, and more.

Slot Machines

Machines come in a great variety when it comes to payout percentages, choice of games, and reels. The two basic types are video and standard slot machines, the latter being more basic. Players place a bill or coin and spin the reel. Video slots are basically the same, the only difference being that they come with a big monitor to play games. Machines are not cheap but casinos have plenty of choice with regard to manufacturers – Multimedia Games, Aristocrat Leisure, Konami Digital Entertainment, and others. Factors that operators look into include pricing, service level, reliability, accuracy, functionality, and product features.

Other Products

Manufacturers also offer other types of equipment such as sports betting technology, server-based gaming and lottery systems, electronic machines, and online interactive, mobile, and social services and content. They also sell systems for table management, table and cage accounting, analytics, marketing, and slot management. Floor manager solutions, for example, allow operators to modify casino floors based on demographics and market conditions. Table management systems help increase player engagement, reduce manual tasks, and improve comping accuracy. 

Whether offering roulette, keno, poker, or togel hk, operators can choose from a large selection of gaming equipment, including electronic systems, bonusing options, and proprietary table games. They also offer a large choice of progressive side bets such as pai gow variants and craps, blackjack, and baccarat side bets. There is a great variety of gaming systems as well, from multi-game and multi-terminal configurations to fully electronic solutions that link to live, hybrid, and virtual games. Products feature capabilities for back-to-back assembly, configurable bet timers, and high-quality lighting color options. Hybrid solutions are also available so that players can bet on up to 4 games and view live outcomes. Hybrid technologies include options such as tournaments, three card poker, casino war, and blackjack. Operators can customize tournaments by length of time, number of rounds, and fixed credits.

Managed Services

Major manufacturers also offer managed services and the option to delegate tasks to their domain, database, network and server experts. The suite of services enables business and IT departments to focus on core activities and tasks instead of game management systems. The main benefits for casino operators include fast track remediation, preventive maintenance, access to development team of experts, and excellent capacity planning for both future and current system versions. As an added benefit, operators are offered a single vendor solution for maintenance, application monitoring, and infrastructure. Services include on time reporting, proactive management, backups and replication, and disaster recovery setup.

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