History Of Online Sports Betting In Thailand And Its Growth

Sports Betting In Thailand

Today, everyone knows of Thai sportsbetting. However, was it always so vibrant, or was it any different? Let us check through the sportsbetting arena in detail.

Have you ever wondered when a man must have played the first game? We cannot put a date to this, and we are sure that this must date back to prehistoric times. However, the games have become a lot clear-cut in modern times, and it is not child’s play. In Asia, just as they take their sports seriously, they also stay keen on betting.

The online football betting scene in Thailand has drawn a lot of attention from the game organizers and the casino sector globally. Their trends have put Asia on the global map as well. What’s special about this trend, and why do Thai citizens love sports betting so much on display now? Or has it always been in the spotlight the question everyone is asking? Let us take through the roadmap and analyze the same. 

Tracing Back to the Origin

Betting has been common around the world, and Asia has not been an exception. Here cockfights, wrestling, and bullfights were common events on which people bet. 

Later, China introduced Huay Lottery, and it gained immense popularity across Thailand as well. Those were the golden days for betting in Thailand, and King Rama III even encouraged the establishment of gambling dens to ensure better state revenue. 

However, as all good things end, even criminal activities cause a closure to these dens. 

In Thailand, the Gambling Act of 1935 declared gambling to be illegal. Slowly, the government legalized horse betting, and slowly even many casinos were set up across Thailand. Since then, though many backs and forth actions took place, there was no further attempt to allow betting as a source of income. 

Tourism played a vital role here, and many casinos came up in hot tourist locations around Thailand. Macau is even now one of the hottest casino destinations in this part of the world. It stands tall in competition against any other major gambling city in the world like Vegas, for instance. 

People from the rest of Asia or Eastern Europe take a trip to the gorgeous Bangkok city and bet online in their land-based casinos. 

When it comes to online betting in Thailand, it is illegal now. However, you may bet on horse races or lotteries. 

The State of Gambling Now

In reality, online gambling in Thailand is illegal. There was even a campaign happening in 2020 that prohibited these casinos. The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society began to cooperate with other agencies to ensure a complete closure to any such activities. They issued a massive crackdown and raided several hubs where people running illegal sites were also arrested. 

If you look at it, a religious angle has been instrumental in cracking down the online betting. Today, several people are checking out online casinos for betting, even if it is based out of Thailand soil too. Therefore, potential punters can now check out online sites and take care to bet by checking out several aspects. 

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