What are the best sports events to wager on?

best sports events

When you are betting online, you probably want to bet on the events that give you the most chance of making a bit of cash, right? Well, luckily for you, everything that you need to know is included right here on this page. Let us help you to find the best sports events to wager on.

Bet on sports you understand

Seriously. We cannot stress this enough.

If you do not understand how an event actually works, then do not spend any money on it. Sure, betting has an element of luck thrown in, but there is a lot of skill to it too. This is especially true if you are doing a spot of live betting. You need to understand the probability of something actually happening and make an informed bet.

You will have to be exceedingly lucky if you bet on a sporting event you don’t have a clue about and win. So, to be honest, the best sports events to wager money on will be ones that you watch frequently.

Ice Hockey

It is pretty much the Canadian national sport, right? Chances are pretty high that you understand how ice hockey works. Luckily for you, this is one of the most bet-on sports in Canada too. This means that there will be tons of money flowing into the market, and this can lead to some huge rewards. Due to the number of people betting on ice hockey, it is also highly likely that there will be some unique betting markets that open up. This will give you even more cash.

Remember; with all sports, do not just focus on the big leagues. Have a bit of a bet on some of the lower leagues too. Often, you will find that the lower leagues carry greater rewards.


Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. It only makes sense that you would bet on it, right? While you can probably bet on the Canadian leagues, a lot of the money in this industry can be made by betting on the English and Spanish leagues. They boast the best players and some of the most thrilling games. This means that not only could you stand a decent chance of making some money, but you will have fun while doing it.


eSports i.e. betting on computer game tournaments is a fairly new way of betting, but it is increasing in popularity. Why not get in on the ground floor and bet a little bit?  A lot of these tournaments will be streamed online for free too, which means it is easy to access.

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